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Celestis Memorial Spaceflights

Celestis Memorial Spaceflights

Space Services/Celestis – Two sister privately owned aerospace companies situated in Houston, TX.
Now World Renowned, the principals of which, are true pioneers in the field of public participation space activities. A client for many years who has enjoyed National and International exposure as a result of our efforts. They have appeared in countless magazines, newspapers, TV news and informational spots throughout the years.

Space Services/Celestis has been offering the general public a means to allow them to participate in activities involving outer space, such as, an assortment of post-cremation memorial space flights, lunar burials, cosmic calls (messages from the public sent into outer space), as well as a Name a Star program.

Our goal was to educate the global general public about the services available from these two forerunners in their respective fields. Unlike placing local stories for local eyes only, global audiences and their stories have to be treated quite differently.  This is where our expertise, experience and connections separate us from the rest of the public relations firms out there. Our methods for success and achievement include utilizing press conferences when available and knowing how to move stories through affiliate stations across the globe.

Strategy & Tactics:
We have successfully generated worldwide media attention for these companies throughout the years as their different services evolved, branding them along the way as the experts in their fields.
Message Development— Our achievements enabled the companies to become globally branded as the cream of the crop in their respective fields.

Press Materials
Utilizing effectively written press releases combined with B-Roll sent to strategically pre-determined media outlets.

Results include such spots as:
Today Show
Good Morning America
ABC national and local News Affiliates
NBC News Affiliates
Fox News Affiliates
National Talk shows
CNN live
FOX News
Associated Press
BBC World News
To Tell The Truth
Ripley’s Believe it or not
20th Century Fox