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The Fertility Institutes featuring Dr. Jeffrey Steinberg

The Fertility Institutes featuring Dr. Jeffrey Steinberg

Now World Renowned Fertility Specialist, a pioneer in the field going back to the original test tube baby called “Jane Doe,” a client for more than 5 years who has enjoyed National and International exposure as a result of our efforts. He has appeared in countless magazines, newspapers, TV news and informational spots.Challenge:
Dr. Steinberg’s cutting edge techniques are continuously evolving requiring new approaches for media transformation.  Our goal was to educate the general public about the modern techniques available in the ever-changing field of Fertility and making sure Dr. Jeffrey Steinberg remains branded the expert of experts.

Strategy & Tactics:
We have generated media attention for Dr. Steinberg and announced new technologies available at the Fertility Institutes throughout the years ranging from Gender Selection to Same sex parenthood by using surrogate mothers to Genetic Testing for embryos.

Over the years our success with Dr. Steinberg and The Fertility Institutes has been tremendous. He has appeared as a Fertility specialist, commenting on various Fertility breakthroughs  in a range of media outlets.

  • Message Development— Due to our efforts Dr. Jeffrey Steinberg became globally branded as the go-to Doctor for Fertility; whether it was regarding a family that needed help in conceiving, family balancing, or for the National media as a commentary for other Nationally important Fertility stories such as “ OCTOMOM”. He was also approached to appear on TV shows and Networks such as Lifetime.  
  • Press Materials— As developing stories came out with Dr. Steinberg and the Fertility Institutes ever-evolving technologies we skillfully postured a variety of Press Releases, which were strategically placed with assorted media outlets.  
  • Media Outreach— we productively contacted a wide array of media outlets regarding Dr. Steinberg to ensure optimum branding and placement in the news.

Results include such spots as :

  • Today Show
  • The Doctors show
  • The Doctor Phil Show
  • KTLA Morning News
  • CNN with Dr. Sanjay Gupta
  • FOX News
  • The Guradian
  • Associated Press
  • Reuters
  • BBC World News